Reminiscence Naqshbandi golden tour along Uzbekistan on the Silk Road

Reminiscence Naqshbandi golden tour along Uzbekistan on the Silk Road

Description: Traveling in the Islamic holy places in Uzbekistan.




Travel itinerary:Tashkent – Samarkand – Bukhara– Shakhrisabz – Kitab – Denau – Termez – Tashkent
Duration: 7 days/6 nights
Kind of route: airway and motor coach tour
Best time to travel: april, may, june; august, september, october
Accommodation: single or double accommodations in hotels
Description:Traveling in the Islamic holy places in Uzbekistan. 


01 Homeland - Tashkent - Samarkand 
Arrival to Tashkent. Meeting at the airport by English speaking guide. Accommodation at the hotel. LUNCH. Transfer to Samarkand (280 km). On the way to Samarkand stop over for the ziyara of the Mosque and Mausoleum of Imam al­Bukhari {(Al­Bukhari Mukhammad bin Ismail Abu Abdallakh al­Djufi (810­870) 12 km far from Samarkand}. Arrival to Samarkand and accommodation at the hotel. Free time. Dinner. 
Overnight in Samarkand.
02 Samarkand - Bukhara 
Breakfast in the hotel. Ziyara of Samarkand: Necropolis Shakhi Zinda {(12­15 c): burial place of Kusam ibn Abbas – cousin of prophet Muhkammad (s.a.v.)} ­ Mausoleum of Prophet Daniyar ­ Mosque of Sayidina Khidr (a.s.) the first mosque in Samarqand. ­ Mosque Bibi Khanim {(14 c), was built for the honour of wife of Amir Temur} ­ Madrassah of Bibi Khanim ­ Khazrat Imam al Moturidi ­Abulays as Samarqandi. LUNCH. Continuation of ziyara: Reghistan square {(15­17 c) – the heart of Samarkand, consists of 3 madrassahs: Madrassah Uughbek, Madrassah Tillakari and Madrassah Sherdar}­ Gur­Emir mausoleum {Burial place of Amir Temur and his dinasty} ­ Rukhobod mausoleum {Burial place of Shaykh Burkhoniddin Sagardji} ­ Mosque and Tomb of Khodja Ubaydulla Akhror {was head of "Nakshbandiya" in 15c.}. Transfer to Bukhara (268 km). Accommodation at the hotel. Dinner. 
Overnight in Bukhara.
03 Bukhara 
Breakfast in the hotel. Transfer to the outside of Bukhara. Visiting the maqams of 7 great sufi saints of Bukhara: Abd Al­Khalik Al Gijduvani {in the city of Gijduvan, 50 km from Bukhara,founder of sufistic branch “Khodjagon”} ­ Khodja Mukhammad Arif ar­Revgari {near to the city of Shafirkan}. LUNCH. Fruits and Uzbek bread with tea will be offered at the site. Khodja Makhmud Anjir Fagnaviy {in the village of Anjirbog of region of Vabkent} ­ Khodja Ali Rometani {(Khodja Azizon) from the village of Kurgan under the city of Rometan. Amrillo Sultonov has been working as imam­khatib for 15years in the complex}. Return to Bukhara. Dinner. 
Overnight in Bukhara.
04 Bukhara - Shakhrisabz 
Early breakfast in the hotel. Visiting the maqams of 7 great sufi saints of Bukhara: Khodja Mukhammad Boboyi Samosi {in the village of Samosin Rometan. Khodja Said Mir Kulol was one of his most famous pupil’s} ­ Khodja Said Mir Kulol {was born not far from the village of Sukhor. Famous as spiritual master of Bakhouddin Naksband} ­ Ensemble of Bakha­ad­Din Nakshband {12km from Bukhara, in the village of Khasri Orifon. Mukhammad ibn Jaloliddin Khodjai Buzrug became famous under the name of Bakhouddin Nakshbandi – founder of one of the most famous branches of Sufism – branch of “Nakshbandiya”}. Lunch. Visiting the oldest part of Bukhara: Ensemble of Lyabi Khauz {Khonako and Mosque of Nadir Divan Begui (16 c), Madrassah Kukeldash (15 c), monument of Khodja Nasreddin} ­ Trade Domes {16 c): Тоkhi Sarrofon, Тоkhi Telpakfurushon, Tokhi Zargaron} ­ Mosque Magoki Attori {12­16 c)} ­ Caravan Seray of Bukhara ­ Timi Abdullakhon {(16 c),closed bazaar, used for the sale of expensive silk materials } ­ Madrassah Ulughbek {(15 c), was built by the grandson of Amit Timur. In the entry written as: “Learning is farz for every muslim man and woman”} ­ Madrassah of Abdulazizkhon {(17 c)} ­ Mosque Kalan {(16c)} ­ Active Madrassah Miri Arab {(16 c)} ­ Minaret Kalan {symbol of Bukhara. Another name of the minaret is “minaret of death”} ­ Active Mosque Poi Kalon {(16 c)}. Ark Citadel {(1 BC ­ 19 c)} ­ Khonakho and Mosque Khodja Zaynuddin {(16 c)} ­ Мosque Bolo Khauz {(18 c)} ­ Маusoleum of Chashmai Ayyub {(12 ­ 16 cc)} ­ Bazaar ­ Mausoleum of Samanids {(10 c) – the pearl of architecture of Central Asia} ­ Abu Khafs Kabir {(Khazrati Imom) – master of Imam al­Bukhari}. Transfer to Shakhrisabz (261 km). Accomodation at the hotel. Dinner. 
Overnight in Shakhrisabz.
05 Shakhrisabz – Kitab - Termez 
Breakfast in the hotel. Early in the morning transfer to Kitab (20 km). Ziyara of tombs: Khazrat Dervish Mukhammad as Samarqandi ­ Khodja Makhmud al­Amkanaki. Transfer to Denau (270 km). Lunch box. Arrival to denau and ziyara of denau: Khazrat Alauddin ibn Mukhammad Atari al­Bukhari {son­in­law of Bakhauddin Nakshbandi}­ Khazrat Khodja Khasan Attor {grandson of Bakhauddin Nakshbandi, son of Alauddin Attor} ­ Khodja Yusuf ibn Khodja Khasan Attor ibn Alauddin Attor {grandson of Bakhauddin Nakshbandi}. Transfer to Termez (140 km). Accommodation at the hotel. Dinner. 
Overnight in Termez.
06 Termez – Tashkent 
Breakfast in the hotel ziyara of Termez: Imam At Termizi. At 10:30 transfer to Termez airport. Flight from Termez to Tashkent with HY­1152 at 12:25. Arrival to Tashkent at 14:10. Transfer to the hotel and accommodation. LUNCH. Free time. After a long Ziyara tour all over Uzbekistan, We would recommend you to visit State Museum of Amir Temur and local bazaar Chorsu. Dinner. 
Overnight in Tashkent.
07 Tashkent - Homeland 
Breakfast in the Hotel. Visiting the oldest parts of Tashkent: Mosque Tilla­Shaykh (19 c) – “Mosque of Khast Imam” where the oldest qur’ani karim of sayidina osman is kept.­ The Square of Khazrati Imam {(16 c) – the square was reconstructed at the last century} ­ Kaffal Al­Shashi Mausoleum {(16 c) – the tomb of Imam Abu Bakr Mukhammad al­Kaffal Shashi, he is known as one of the first Muslim Imams and famous poet and prophet} ­ Madrassah and Mosque Barak Khan {(15­16 c) – was built by Suyunidj Khan, first ruler of Uzbek dynasty of the Shaybonids} ­ Mosque Namozgoh {(19 c)}. Lunch. Free time. Dinner. 
Transfer to the airport of Tashkent for HY Tashkent – departure to Homeland.

Hotel options:

Hotels in CitiesDeluxe OptionBudget Option
Tashkent Hotel City Palace 4* or Hotel Ramada 4* “Grand Orzu” 3* or similar
Samarkand “Regal Palace” 4* or hotel “Konstantin” 4* Hotel Malika Classic 3* or Hotel Royal Palace 3*
Bukhara “Asia Bukhara” 3* or Minzifa Boutique or Komil Boutique hotel Hotel “Orom” 3* or hotel “Rangrez” 3*
Shakhrisabz Shakhrisabz yulduzi 3* Shakhrisabz yulduzi 3*
Termez Asson Termez 3* Asson Termez 3*

Tour price included:

  • Accommodation;
  • Breakfasts;
  • Transportation with A/C throughout the whole trip;
  • Sightseeing tour program in all cities, including entrance fees to sights, museums, mausoleums, except camera/video fees;
  • Domestic Air-tickets;
  • Escort guide;
  • Visa support.

Tour price does not include:

  • Hotel charges for additional services;
  • Lunches and dinners;
  • Consular fees paid upon collection of the entrance Visa;
  • International flight tickets;
  • Personal insurance and any items not mentioned above.





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